PS4 "Conan: Outcasts [JP]" USED
PS4 "Conan: Outcasts [JP]" USED
The Brewing Academy

PS4 "Conan: Outcasts [JP]" USED

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The Brewing Academy presents:
"Conan: Outcasts"
Sony PS4


Used in very, very good condition


So, MacRorie a trophy hunter [] and, um, sometimes, he needs a second copy to get certain trophies because there are not as many crazy trophy hunters as he would like.  THIS particular game is a Japanese version of "Conan: Exiles" and, as such, you need two copies to get the Tower of the Elephant Trophy so that you can log into the same server. So, he got the trophy and now he does not need two copies in his collection. Also, it only takes about an hour to get the platinum and it stacks with the NA/EU version! Now, we are not saying that MacRorie will help you get that trophy, but if you ask reaaaaal nice, he just might!


Used, but complete and in very very good condition

Known Flaws

None that we are aware of.  NOTE:  The disk may become dislodged inside of the case during transit.  This does not damage the disc, but you should know that it is a normal thing to happen and we did not do it. ;-)

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