FujiNet 1.5
FujiNet 1.5
FujiNet 1.5
FujiNet 1.5
FujiNet 1.5
The Brewing Academy

FujiNet 1.5

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The Brewing Academy sells multiple versions of the FujiNet.  If you want a standard external version that hooks up directly to the SIO port then CLICK_ME.

If you have a 576NUC+ and you want to add an internal FujiNet this is the place!

Two versions:

Standard: Mates with a standard 576NUC+ and fits in the standard XE-style case.

Cartridge: Mates with a pre-existing 576NUC+ BUT WILL REQUIRE SOME FIDDLING to get it to fit.  It is NOT plug and play.  You will also have to buy a new case!

If you wish to have us retrofit, your existing 576NUC+, please send us an email!  If you already have an internal FujiNet in your 576NUC+, but want a cartridge version EMAIL US we have a trade-in program!

This is an EXTERNAL version of the FujiNet 1.5.  It is for ALL Atari 8-bit computers (Atari 400/800/1200XL/600XL/800XL/130XE/100XEL/1088XLD/576NUC+)

You will need an SIO cable to connect it to your 80-bit.  It is NOT an end of chain device, you can put it anywhere in your SIO chain.

NOTE: The "Internal to External Kit" is for use ONLY with the internal version of the FujiNet for the 576NUC+.  This would be ideal for converting your internal FujiNet to an external one that can be used on any Atari 8-bit if, for example, you were upgrading your 576NUC+ to the FujiCart board.

For those unfamiliar with the FujiNet, please see the FujiNet 1.3 site for details and helpful links.  

I still have to design the XE and 800 series cases.  That may be awhile, so let me know if you want one to hurry me along.

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