FujiNet 1.0 for Coleco ADAM Computer!
FujiNet 1.0 for Coleco ADAM Computer!
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FujiNet 1.0 for Coleco ADAM Computer!

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The ADAM FujiNet is a multi function peripheral for the Coleco ADAM Family Computer. It currently provides floppy disk emulation, DDP (cassette) emulation, printer emulation and an all new network device. This single device has everything you need to use the Colecovision ADAM in the 21st century.

FujiNet has a built-in CONFIGuration disk that loads when you start up the ADAM. In CONFIG, you can setup your WiFi network and select which disk images to mount in the virtual drives. Disks can be loaded from the on board MicroSD card socket or from TNFS servers over the internet or your own personal server.

Multiplayer cross-platform games for retro computers is now possible with FujiNet. ADAMcala is a new mancala game written for Coleco ADAM and has support for network game play (video). There is also a port of Connect 4 for both the ADAM and ATARI that provides cross platform play (video).

The hardware is a carrier board for the Espressif ESP32-DEVKITC-VE development module with 8MB of PSRAM and 8MB of internal flash storage. On the carrier board are supporting circuitry for connecting to the ADAMNet bus, IN and OUT RJ12 ADAMNet ports, 3 push buttons, 3 status LEDs, an ON/OFF power switch and a push/push MicroSD socket. All this fits in a custom designed 3D printed enclosure.

Firmware updates for the ADAM FujiNet can be installed with the FujiNet-Flasher on Mac, Windows and Linux.

RJ12 6P6C Crossover / Reverse phone cable required for connecting FujiNet to the ADAM computer.

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