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Atari 5200 Consoles

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These are old stock from an Atari service center.  They have been sitting in a warehouse for twenty or more years.  I have tested them and they work fine, but they are also 40+ years old.  They worked when we put them in the box, but they are AS IS. 


SO what are the different flavors here at The Brewing Academy

CASED:  These are known good working models.  They are in a decent--but by no means perfect--Atari cases.  They vary in condition.  Pictures available upon request.  First come, first served.  NO Power supply.  NO controllers.  If it is a 4 port, we will include a switch box.

Fully Populated Motherboard: These are tested good motherboards, from an Atari Service Center.  They are all 4-port models.

Motherboard complete EXCEPT POKEY: These models worked before we stole the POKEY out of them for other projects.  If you can get another POKEY (they are all the same, okay not the QUAD POKEY, that won’t work), this will work fine.  Try finding it for less than $50 and you could save yourself some money! All are 4-port models

Empty Motherboard:  This is a 5200 motherboard minus ALL Atari 40 pin LSI (ANTIC, POKEY, SALLY, & GTIA).  RAM and ROM are present.  All are 4-port models

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