2364 to 27XXX adapter
2364 to 27XXX adapter
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2364 to 27XXX adapter

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Need to put a new ROM in an old 1541 or Vic-20 or Commodore 64? This will do it for you!

On GitHub, SukkoPera (Giorgioggi) created a design that lets you put an 2764 or 27128 or 27256 or even a 27512 (and their equivalent CMOS variants or even NON-erasable varieties) inside of a 24 pin 2364 slot.  You can add a switch and select between various 8k ROM files!  The sky is the limit (okay, well, 8 is the limit and that is with a 27512)!  You can, of course, make your own, but we have created them here for you!

If you have the ability to burn your own 27C64 or 2764 PROM, then all you do is drop it in this and drop the whole thing into your socket.

If your chip is NOT socketed, then you will have to de-solder it and install a socket.  If it is socketed, then BLAM!  drop and go!

If you do NOT have a PROM or a Burner, just let us know what you want burned on the chip and we will make it happen.

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