1MB Memory Expansion with Battery Backup
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1MB Memory Expansion with Battery Backup

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In the process of us going "Full Coleco"* here at TBA, we have stumbled upon Mr. Charles Mouse's 8Mb (1MB) memory card for the Coleco ADAM.  This one is very cool in that it has a battery backup, so if you are using it for a RAMDisk, the contents will stay as long as the battery has power!  To be clear we did NOT design them, we only build them for you to use.  As described on the AtariAge Post:

A new 8Mb (1MB) RAM board for the ADAM

-Does not need a middle slot card for full function but can make use of one

-Battery backup is an option (Batteries will be installed if option is ordered)


*= By going "Full Coleco" we are, of course, referring to that scene in "Tropic Thunder."  It does NOT mean, that we are shifting to only ColecoVision/Coleco ADAM products

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