1088XLD Owner's Manual
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1088XLD Owner's Manual

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This is a work in progress.  It will be included with every assembled 1088XLD, but for those of you who built your own, here is an opportunity to get the manual for it. I can guarantee you will learn at least TWO new things if you read it. ;-)
  • Chapter One: The story of the device, its history, and how it came to be.
  • Chapter Two: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."
    • TK-II:  How to talk to your XLD
    • CF3:  How your base all belong to XLD
    • MIDI:  How your XLD makes beautiful music
    • Video:  How your XLD makes pretty pictures
    • Accessories: How to trick out your XLD
      • BoB
      • VBXE
      • Rapidus
      • Sophia (rev. B & rev. C)
      • GBS-8200 (Internal VGA)
      • Cartridge Port on front Panel
  • Chapter Three: The Brains of the XLD:  FJC's Firmware & SDX
    • U1M User Guide
    • Mini SDX primer
  • Chapter Four: What to do when your XLD "goes a little . . . ka-ka"
    • Trouble-shooting
    • Repairs and modifications
  • Chapter Five:  XLD Anatomy
    • Schematics
    • Bill of Materials

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