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TBA's 8gb uSD & adapter Card for the Side3 (or SideB, you be the judge!)

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This is a curated collection of ROM, CAR, & XEX files for the Atari 400/800/XL/XE & 1088XEL/XLD series of computers.  It is designed to be used with the Side 3 cartridge sold by The Brewing Academy.

It has been formatted with the following partitions:

APT:  4 Active Atari partitions (E:, F: G: H:) with room to create more. SDX Toolkit files already copies into directories.

FAT 32: 2G of FAT32 for the [L]oader

FAT16: Two active partitions (N: & O:) You need to use FAT.SYS driver in SDX to access these.  This means you can copy from your computer and use them directly in SDX!

4GB of free space.  Use your computer to expand any of the partitions OR Create a whole new one!

Your SD card may be different than the one in the picture, but it will contain the exact same files!

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