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TBA's 8GB uSD Card for the UNO-A8 Cartridge

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This is a curated collection of ROM, CAR, ATR, & XEX files for the Atari XL/XE & 1088XEL/XLD series of computers.  It is designed to be used with the UNO-A8 cartridge sold by The Brewing Academy.

Please be aware that your machine must have sufficient memory and/or accessories to run all of the files.  In other words, some games may be PAL/NTSC only.  Some may require 64k or more.  

Your SD card may be different than the one in the picture, but it will contain the exact same files!

ROM/CAR:  Cartridge files

XEX:            Executable files (also known as EXE files)

ATR:            Atari Compressed Floppy Disk format, stores an entire floppy image in             one file

This microSD card also comes with a full-sized SD adapter to make it easier to put additional files on, should you choose to do so.  Both may differ from those pictured.

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