MyTek's 576NUC+ and internal FujiNet! 576 NUC NUC+
MyTek's 576NUC+ and internal FujiNet! 576 NUC NUC+
MyTek's 576NUC+ and internal FujiNet! 576 NUC NUC+
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MyTek's 576NUC+ and internal FujiNet! 576 NUC NUC+

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NOTE: We have a few built, but give us about 7-10 BUSINESS days to build, test, and ship your order after placing it.

The 576NUC+ is a small (116.8 mm* 79.8 mm) Atari computer!  It uses all original Atari LSI 40pin chips and, thus, is 100% compatible.  It features a custom OS ROM to allow it to function beautifully.

Standard RAM is 576k

Schematics (created by MyTek) are available HERE

DIY Folks!

We are now offering "Bare Board Sets" This means that you will be able to build them yourself.  It will include a printed BOM and a bare 4-layer board.  If you purchase the PAL version, it will also include the PAL Colorburst GTIA piggyback board (0.8mm thick)

Standard functions:

  • 100% Atari 800/XL/XE compatible
  • ALL real and original Atari LSI chips included*,~
  • PS/2 keyboard port (keyboard not incl., available HERE!)
  • Standard Atari AV cables can be used (available here)
  • DB15 SIO port (can buy SIO2DSUB to use standard SIO)
  • Capable of having a BUILT-IN FUJINET (optional)
  • 2 Joystick ports
  • 12v DC power supply included


*Unless you opt for the "Atari LSI Free" model in which case, no, there are no Atari LSI chips in there.  You have to provide them yourself! Atari LSI Free models are available via special order only for $195 NTSC and $205 PAL.  Case and FujiNet are, of course, extra  If you would like to special order a 576NUC+, please download this spreadsheet HERE.  It will allow you to select everything you need/want and give you payment instructions as well.  Send an email if you have any questions.

~We are currently talking to the makers of the POKEYMax to see if a special version can be made for the 576NUC+ (and other TK-II machines).  As soon as we can make that happen, we will ship complete units again.

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