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1088XEL Mouse Select switch for Realan H80

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  • Mouse Select for H80
    • The 1088 series of computers allows you to use a PS/2 mouse in Atari programs that use a mouse (FJC’s GOS & Diamond GOS, for example). This switch allows you to select which joystick port the Atari “sees” the mouse on.
    • The standard 1088XEL allows you to run a 5 pin cable from the motherboard to a selector panel & switch that can then be mounted on the side of the Realan H80 body.
    • This option includes the PCB (main and small 'mounting' board for USB hole in H80), LED, switch, & connecting pins. It will also come with two screws and nuts for mounting to the side of the case. If you select “TBA Assembles” as an option, it will be assembled & tested.  Otherwise, it will come as a kit that you assemble.

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