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This is the PRODUCTION home of Atari 8-bit Ultimate & UNO Carts, as well as Atari 2600 UNO Carts (by ElectroTrains), Atari 1088 XEL Computers (by MyTekControls), Ti 99/4a FlashROM99 & FinalGROM99 (by Ralph Benzinger) assembled carts & The Atari Party of Davis (formerly Bill Kendrick, now by us!)


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Atari 2600 UNO Cartridges:  SD Card-based Multicart!  2600 UNO Order Info

MyTek 1088XEL: Mini-ITX based Atari XL computer.

100% real Atari Chips

NO emulation!

100% compatible!

1088XEL Order Info


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July 2017



*So, why are we called “The Brewing Academy”? Well, the original idea was to brew beer/cider and then also teach people how to make it themselves.  Fate, being what it is, did not have that in store for us.  What fate DID have in store was making “homebrew” cartridges for retro systems like the TI and Atari 8-bit computers!  That has continued since 2015 and has expanded to the Atari Jaguar, Atari 2600, & the 1088XEL computer! We still brew beer & cider, but it is only for personal & friendly consumption


Looking for information on the 1088XEL?  CLICK ME for the 1088XEL newsletter!


For Ultimate Atari carts, for UNO Atari Carts, for FinalROM99 carts for R-Time8 Replacement carts, here is a simple PDF of our price list: click me!


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