TerraOnion's SuperSD System 3
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TerraOnion's SuperSD System 3

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We got a few of these and wanted to sell the extras.  They are OUTSTANDING and easy to use.  They give you universal HuCard ROM access as well as universal (PCE/TGCD/Duo) ISO access.  Just soooo easy to use AND they give you RGB video out!

From TerraOnion's site:

Super SD System 3 is the ultimate accessory for PC Engine. Flashcart, RGB output and CD-ROM emulation and all System Cards

Super SD System 3 connects to your PC Engine console by means of the expansion port (also compatible with TG-16, Core Grafx, Core Grafx2 and Super Grafx models) emulating not only CD-ROM units but also System Cards, while at the same time it provides high-quality RGB video output.

You won´t find anything like it on the market!

  • A simple and intuitive interface, compatible with CD-ROM (.cue) and HuCard (.pce) images.
  • Integrated System Cards for CD-ROM2, Super CD-ROM2 and Arcade CD-ROM2 systems. You can play any of your games with no need for the System Card or the original accessory.
  • Super SD System 3 lets you save games directly on the MicroSD card memory, which means you have a virtually endless capacity with no need for any other accessories.
  • Thanks to the integrated RAM memory, loading games is practically instantaneous for ROMs in .pce (HuCards) format and much faster than usual with ISOs (.cue) for CD-ROM titles.

Download the instruction manual in PDF English

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