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This of you who have read the catalog we ship with every order know that we do installations of everything we sell.  We will also install anything in an Atari machine that you would like.  We will also repair anything related to the Atari 8-bit series and can attempt a lot of other things.  It should also be mentioned that we will do reasonable modifications, so long as you are fully clear of what it is you want done and that some modifications (like case alterations) are NOT reversible.

So, here's how it will work:

We charge $50.00 per hour for any work we do on a machine.  If you do not know what is wrong with it (i.e., it doesn't do "X," but you are not sure of the cause), we will charge an initial hour to diagnose it and then let you know what the problem is. You are not obligated to follow through on the repair, but the diagnosis hour is not refundable.  That diagnosis hour will be credited to your repair, should you choose to have us repair it.  

Additionally, you will have to pay to ship your unit to us (we are in California) and pay for the return shipping.  Return Shipping is done here:

Here are a few examples.  If you are not sure, just Contact us @


 Description Time needed
Ultimate 1MB upgrade install 1 hour
VBXE / VBXE-XL 1 hour
Ultimate Atari Video (any machine) 1 hour
Sophia rev. B or rev. C

1 hour

           If sockets need to be installed for the above 0.5 hours per socket
Modify TI 99/4a speech synthesizer for use with 32k 0.5 hours

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