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Sophia rev. C (DVI output)

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This is an add-in board that goes under the GTIA in all Atari computers, including the 1088XEL or XLD.  It consists of two boards: one board is inserted into the GTIA socket and the GTIA chip is inserted into the Sophia main board; the second board holds the DVI connector and is attached to the first by a ribbon cable (included).

NOTE 1:  If your 8-bit is NOT socketed, you will have to de-solder the GTIA and install a 40 pin socket.

NOTE 2: If you are installing this in a regular Atari (400/800/XL/XE) OR a 1088XLD, you will either have to modify your case and/or let the connector hang out the back.

NOTE 3: If you are installing this in a 1088XEL, you will need a DVI compatible backplane (available for sale here or design your own).


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